Mycogem Cream

Mycogem® Cream

Mycogem Cream is a brand of Bifonazole, manufactured by Gemini Pharnia. Bifonazole belongs to the class of Imidazoles antifungal agents. The only azole that has dual inhibitory actions along the ergosterol synthesis pathway.

MODE OF ACTION: Unlike other azoles which act at a “single level”. Mycogem inhibits the biosynthesis of ergosterol at two different levels. Mycogem inhibits the activity of enzyme cythochrome P-450
14a-demethylase. It also inhibits the production of mevalonic acid at an early stage ergosterol synthesis.

INDICATION: Mycoses of the skin caused by dermatophyte, yeasts, moulds and other fungi such as Malassezia furfur and infections due to Corynebacterium minutissium (which causes infections of Inter digital mycoses Acute and chronic mycoses of the skin caused by dermatophytes e.g. Trichophyton, Microsporium and Epidermophyton Floccosum, Pytyriasis Versicolor caused by Malassezia furfur