Gemini Co-Trigem Syrup

Gemini Co-Trigem Syrup

PRESENTATION & COMPOSITION: Co-trigemt is a brand of co-trimoxarole tablets and suspension. Each 5ml measure of the suspension contains sulphamethoxazole H.P. 200mg & trunethoprim H.P. 40mg and each uncoated tablet contains sulphamethoxazole B.P. 400mg & trimethroprim B.P. 80mg.

INDICATIONS: Co-mmaxazole is effective in the treatment of lower respiratory and urinary tract infections. gonorrhea, otitis media. sinusitis, skin and soft tissue infection, septicaemia, gastro-intestinal tract infections due to salmonella typhi and para typhi.

CONTRA INDICATION & PRECAUTION: Co-trigen is costa-indicated in patients with renal function impairment. hepatic function impairment. blood dyscrasis as well as patients sensitise to sulphonamides. The drug should not be administered to neonates and pregnant individuals. Patients undergoing suphonamide therapy should avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

STORAGE: The suspension should be stored below 25‘’c and protected from light. The tablets should be stored below 30’c and protected from light.

Tables: Packs of 101k and I000%
Suspension Pack of 50m1