Tablet Manufacturing

Gemini offers best-in-class capsule manufacturing with unlimited formulation possibilities

Gemini Pharmaceuticals operates one of the country’s most extensive encapsulation suites. Utilizing a diverse range of high-speed capsule filler machines, Gemini produces billions of capsules every year. From simple to complex formulations, we work with it all.

Gemini’s tablet compression department is among the most extensive in the industry. We employ a diverse range of tablet presses to accommodate a vast range of product formulations, shapes, and sizes.

Our knowledgeable Product Engineers are experts in formulation to ensure proper manufacturability. We make certain that tablets meet all specifications including weight variation, hardness, friability, and disintegration to guarantee product efficacy.

In addition to manufacturing standard tablets- Gemini also produces bi-layer tablets, time-released, delayed release, quick dissolve, and chewable flavored options.

Gemini’s state-of-the-art tablet coating department is where all our tablets are coated & sealed to assist with product integrity, visual appearance, and to aid in swallowing. Gemini offers aqueous clear coating, color coated, natural colors, as well as enteric coating options.

To maintain maximum purity, every suite is fitted with HEPA air filtration systems and only utilizes water manufactured from our USP purified water system.

Tablet Types