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Ciprogem&#174; has a strong antibacterial action against a broad spectrum of bacteria. it prevents transcription by the chromosomegenetic material of the information needed for the normal metabolism of bacteria. This leads to a rapid decrease in the ability of the bacteria to reproduce.


Infections caused by pathogens which are sensitive to ciprofloxacin:infection- Of the respiratory tract. In the treatment of outpatients with pneumonia due to pneumococcus Ciprogem should not be used as a first choice of drug.- Of the middle ear otitis media of the paranasal sinuses sinusitis especially if these are caused by gram negative organisms including pseudomonas or by staphylococcus of the eyes.- Of the kidneys/and or urinary tract- Of the reproductive organs including gonorrhea- Of th

Therapy: Anti-infective

Active Ingredients: Ciprofloxacin Hydochloride

Dosage Form: Tablet

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